EX1-1315/EX2-1315 Express® Stainless Steel Propeller 
40hp to 150hp w/ 4-1/4" Gearcase

Size: 13.75 x 15 - 3-Blade
Operation: Right Hand

Note: A Hub Kit is required for installation of this propeller. See the Turning Point Selection Chart or the Prop Wizard™ for hub kit selection.

Updated designs, better speeds, better handling, and saves fuel.

Using state of the art manufacturing processes, Express® stainless steel propellers are designed to do one thing outperform competition! Each Expressr propeller is field tested against competitive OEM and aftermarket props to ensure that your Expressr propeller is the best that money can buy!

Expressr propellers deliver maximum speed, a quick hole shot and secure handling even on tight turns at wide open throttle. Not all props are created equal, and we prove that with the superior performance of Expressr stainless steel propellers.

13.75 x 15 Stainless Steel 3 Blade Right Hand Turn

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    Stainless Steel

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