Make it easier to spread the predator attracting power of Tink's® Rabbit Urine Lure around your hunting area with Tink's Rabbit Urine Hot Shot® Predator Attractant Spray. This aerosol spray can features a unique design that keeps the urine lure in an internal bag, separate from the pressurizing agents. This design prevents contamination of the scent and evacuates all the scent from the can so you can keep spraying longer than comparable spray cans. Hot Shot delivers a quiet, consistent spray, even when spraying upside down, producing a powerful, 100% pure mist for long-range attraction. Great for use with decoys and calling, the Rabbit Urine lure also encourages predators to investigate, stopping them for a better shot. Can contains 3 oz.
Manufacturer model #: W5321BL.

  • Use the smell of predators' favorite food source to bring them in and slow them down
  • Quality rabbit urine lure in an easy-to-use spray
  • Hot Shot aerosol bottle features internal bag with scent - protects scent
  • Sprays longer than traditional spray cans
  • Consistent spray, even upside down - easier application
  • Powerful, 100% pure mist for long-range attraction
  • Tink's Rabbit Urine lure - natural urine scent encourages predators to investigate
  • Great for use with decoys and calling
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Tinks Predator Hot Shot Rabbit Mist

SKU: 130793
  • 3 oz.

     Best grade of natural urine

    Tink's Hot Shot Predator


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