Camco 39082 Rhino Blaster Holding Tank Rinser:

  • The Rhino Blaster Tank Rinser creates a high flow blast of water into the sewage pipe, cleaning the tank
  • The 45-degree angle allows the water to flow through the pipes and directly to the tank
  • Regular tank rinsing helps reduce unwanted odors, reduces the risk of clogging and keeps sensors clean to ensure accurate reading
  • The Rhino Blaster attaches to the outside of the RV, so there is no need for sanitation equipment to be brought inside, or brought back out after use
  • The break-resistant clear 45-degree elbow allows you to see when your tank is empty
  • Once it is empty, turn the water hose knob to the on position
  • Turn on the water rinse out the system
  • Once the water runs clear, your system is thoroughly rinsed
  • When you're done, detach the water and sewer hose, remove the Rhino Blaster and replace the sewage cap


SKU: RVS0004
Option 1: Orange
  • Directions:

    Instructions: . Instructions. 1. Close nozzle valve on Blaster. Connect Blaster between sewer hose and RV's dump connection sewer outlet. 2. Empty black water tank then gray water tank. Leave Blaster connected with waste valve open. 3. Connect black vacuum breaker between faucet and water hose. (Always use a vacuum breaker with the Blaster to avoid fresh water contamination. Always use a water hose marked "not for drinking water use.") Connect other end of water hose to threads on side of Blaster. 4. Turn water source on. Turn the Blaster's nozzle valve on. Rinse tank until water runs clean. Close waste valve and continue to rinse hose. 5. Place nozzle valve in off position to end rinsing.