The Mossy Oak Deer Hoist and Gambrel provides the stable lifting power to hold your buck for comfortable preparation and dressing. It's built with durable steel construction and offers durability that you can count on. This dual-pulley hoist provides a smooth and easy lifting action. The unit has a capacity of up to 440 pounds and comes with a simple mounting hook facilitating a quick installation. Mount this tool either outdoors or indoors depending on your preference. This deer gambrel simplifies cleaning tasks and is a valuable tool to the regular hunter or butcher. Utilize your favorite rope with this simple tool for effective lifting power. 
Mossy Oak Deer Hoist and Gambrel:

  • Simple design and durable hooking mechanism
  • Hoist and deer gambrel easily lifts 440-lb load
  • Tough steel construction and red color scheme
  • A smooth dual-pulley hoist system

Mossy Oak Deer Hoist And Gambrel

SKU: 048247
  • Assembly Required  Yes
     Capacity  440 lbs
     Color  Red
     Material  Steel
     Number of Pieces  5
     Style  Deer Hoist
    Manufacturer Part Number





    Mossy Oak

    Assembled Product Weight




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