There’s nothing like watching flames dance around in the night air on your back patio. But when you have to hassle with lighting the wood in your fire pit, dodging waves of smoke, and sweeping up the stray ash afterward, it almost makes a backyard bonfire more trouble than it’s worth. Now with Camp Chef’s Monterey Fire Table, you can skip the struggle and enjoy all the best parts of owning a fire pit. The elegant design and gray color make it an excellent accent piece for any patio, while the matchless ignition and four-sided windscreen provide a better way to burn. Store a propane tank inside the unit or adapt it to a natural gas fitting. Best of all, when you’re finished with your fire, you can place the lid on top to create an outdoor coffee table. Complete your patio collection today with the Monterey Fire Table.



    • Beautiful patio centerpiece
    • Flames reflect on decorative fire glass
    • Converts to a patio table
    • Matchless ignition with safety shutoff
    • Built-in propane tank compartment
    • 16" standard bulk propane regulator and hose


    • Total Output: 40,000 BTU/hr
    • Fire Table Dimensions: 40" x 19.5" x 24"
    • Table Height: 24"
    • Fire Glass Pit Dimensions: 28" x 8" x 2"
    • Materials: Powder-coated durable steel, gray painted finish on top
    • Product Weight: 65.5 lbs

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